Align Your Goals And Objectives With What Really Matters To You And Move Them Powerfully Forward.

Take your vision and commitments and invest them with a new possibility and power.

Focus on your specific interests—those areas where you'd like to

have a breakthrough or make a significant impact.

Accelerate what you’re out to accomplish and address what matters most to you in your life. With the unique skill of acclaimed speaker and transformation coach

Brent Webb and his proven one-to-one coaching methodology, you’ll experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals.

"A hyper-condensed, no-nonsense approach to personal and professional development" -- L.A. WEEKLY



In a powerful and dynamic one-to-one interchange, Brent will work with you to clarify and powerfully align your goals and objectives with what really matters to you.

He'll listen to widen perspectives and explore what you want to focus on, what you’re passionate about, where you find yourself getting stuck, and which structures, practices, and time frames will support you in achieving those results.


You’ll leave these sessions with a new freedom and having taken steps toward what you’re out to accomplish throughout your life.

Create a short- or long-term coaching relationship to empower you in fulfilling your ongoing goals and objectives. Custom-tailored for each client and delivered in conveniently scheduled virtual sessions, Brent's coaching programs are available in various packages from a 6 month-session minimum to semi-annual, annual,

and multi-year options.

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Is It Corporate Mindset Impact You Are Searching For?

When Employees Thrive,
Organizations Prosper!

Corporate Impacts rely on data-driven solutions applied on a personal basis to create lasting growth. Together, we’ll cultivate a community of fulfilled, proud, and focused associates.

More often than not, what’s holding an organization back is not the economy or lack of opportunity, but an over-stressed workforce that has lost the desire to go above and beyond collecting their regular paycheck. As employees begin to plateau, the organization as a whole will follow, leading top decision-makers to become overwhelmed with trying to keep their teams motivated. And, that's where Corporate Mindset Training comes in. 




Companies Who Invest In Their Personnel With Corporate Mindset Training Enjoy: 

A more productive and proactive workforce 

More promotions and overall growth

Lower rates of absenteeism from sick days 

Lower healthcare costs 

A more motivated front office and sales team 

Higher sales

Lowered stress levels for all employees 

Less turnover

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Want More Info On Brent's Virtual Workshops And Seminars?


The most popular option for creating an impactful day full of insights are Brent's

3 hour workshops that will give you and your team a chance to uncover the hidden blockages obstructing growth while building a stronger, more connected team. Beneficial for all employees from the mail room to the boardroom. Tailored to efficiently meet the needs of the current remote workforce.