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Looking for a Magician for Your Next Event? 

Why Not Amaze and Engage Your Audience with a Mentalist Instead? 

Magicians are fun. But, there is little difference between acts, and magicians present passive entertainment...

The audience simply watches the magician go through his or her routine. 


A mentalist is different! A mentalist is:
  • part mind reader
  • part comedian
  •  and part master communicator. 
































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What Does Brent Webb Do? 


Brent Webb is an experienced corporate entertainer and a master showman. He performs an engaging, interactive show that features fun-focused audience participation. Webb’s work is about inspiration as much as it is about entertainment. He seamlessly works in your custom message into his show.


Webb calls his unique blend of subtle messaging and entertainment, “INFOTAINMENT"



What is Infotainment? 


Infotainment is about engaging the audience and helping them have a great time while also communicating important themes. The audience will not only experience side-splitting laughter and open-eyed awe, they will also come away having learned to see beyond their limitations and with a deep understanding of the power of possibilities and positive thinking. 


Webb has dazzled and entertained audiences all over the world for brands such as Microsoft, Ferrari, and Boeing. 


Unlike a corporate event magician, Webb’s “The Master Mind Show” requires less space and can work in almost any venue. There is much less equipment and no need for an extensive AV setup. 


Everyone has seen a magic show before. But, very few people have ever experienced anything like what mentalist Brent Webb does.


Do you want to give your audience an unforgettable experience?


Save the magic acts for your competitors. Let “The Master Mind” blow your audience’s mind!


Make Your Next Event a Smash! Click Here to Learn How You Can Bring the Master Mind to Your Next Event!

Want More Info On Brent's Shows And Programs? Click Here



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