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How Do You Avoid Making A Big Event Planning Mistake?

As an event planning professional, you know that you can get every detail perfect, but if the speakers are boring or the entertainment is subpar, the entire event feels like a flop. The truth is getting the right entertainment for your audience is the secret to turning any event into a smashing success.

You have to be careful, especially if it is a corporate event or a fundraiser. You want someone who is not only entertaining, but also inspirational. Today's audience feels like they have seen it all before. The same boring speaker teaching tired motivational tricks, a singer or cover band, or a magician with a dated and totally unhip act straight from the 1970's.

Your audience deserves more. Why not give them something dynamic and unique that they have never seen? More than a motivational speaker, more than a corporate entertainer, why not someone who seamlessly combines both?

Mentalist Brent Webb, The Mastermind, has dazzled and entertained audiences all over the world for the last 25 years. From his own show in Las Vegas, to cruise ships, to Fortune 500 company events for brands such as Microsoft, Ferrari, and Boeing.

Webb uses his unique showmanship, astounding mind reading abilities, and perfect comic timing to engage audiences. Instead of just passive entertainment from a magician or a comedian, Webb’s show features fun-focused audience participation and integrates the message of your choice into his show. The audience doesn't just watch, they participate. It's totally interactive entertainment!

He helps people see beyond their self-limitations and tap into the power of possibilities and positive thinking we all possess. Do yourself a favor, and take a few minutes to experience Brent's web site. Look at his extensive credits, videos, and celebrity references. When you are finished, we know you will agree--there is only one man for your event!

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