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Brent Webb Is The Dynamic Motivational Speaker That Has Everyone Talking!!

Corporate Mind Reader, Motivational Speaker, and Professional Mentalist Brent Webb

Corporate Event planners are always looking for something unique and dynamic...and Brent Webb is exactly that! Brent is a corporate mentalist, entertainer, and motivational speaker who combines a fantastic display of mind power, showmanship, and psychic happenings using total audience participation with a powerful message accentuating the potential of the human mind!

Unlike the normal motivational speaker who preaches to his audience about tired motivational techniques, you won’t just watch this presentation, you'll participate in the experience! 

Brent isn’t just a motivational speaker, and is more than an entertainer, he combines BOTH for an exciting motivational experience you will love!

Webb performs at a breathtaking, energetic, dramatic extreme which will bring your audience to the edge of their seats. You will find yourself believing it's really possible to capture thoughts you alone are thinking. Brent is one of the most versatile and accomplished motivational performers you will find.

He's been used effectively by corporate entertainment meeting planners in a variety of situations. From a small audience of ten in a boardroom, to an audience of thousands at a corporate convention, he's a refreshing alternative to the traditional corporate keynote speaker.









Brent's presentations can be tailored to fit your needs, from twenty minutes to an hour in length. He can incorporate a company's product or sales message, include strong motivational content, or just provide you with the most entertaining and unique program you will ever see!

Up to forty-five different audience members actively participate in the mind reading program. You can feel the electricity in the room, as your entire audience begins to realize they may be interactively involved.

Thoughts and ideas are exchanged in a dynamic series of whirlwind revelations.

The personal, interactive energy moves like a wave throughout the entire audience, and in every corner of the room. Your audience

members are instantly laughing, stunned with wonder, and gasping in disbelief.

The entire program is designed to carry everyone up the ladder of believability. 

Brent enters the stage highlighted in a spotlight. Three different spectator's thoughts are instantly revealed. Then five new spectator's thoughts are captured. Brent demonstrates the power of suggestion with a newspaper, predicting every spectator's decisions, before they even make them!

Brent's Motivational Speaking is DYNAMIC, ENGAGING, AND UNIQUE!

His special brand of entertainment carries a message of motivation with it.

He relates amazing facts about our minds, and our potential as human beings.

Audience members become in awe of their own minds as Brent instils in them the belief that with an open mind, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Are you looking to hire a motivational speaker?

Brent will be the most talked about entertainer you will ever engage.

You have to see it, to DIS-believe it!

The program concludes with a fireworks display of rapid fire mentalism.

Brent's high energy, motivational presentation, combined with tasteful humor, extensive audience involvement, and his electric enthusiasm, will leave your audience talking about their experience for years.

It's motivational entertainment at it's finest!


Ready To See What Brent Can Do For You?

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